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The Miller Tells Her Tale: Testimonials

Brilliant Karen. I mention you a lot to try and highlight the fine work you do. Bob Harris

Sure, you have my permission to play my record on your show--thanks! I'm honored. Kevin Gordon

Karen’s the best radio programmer of country and Americana in the UK and a huge supporter of the music. Richard Wootten

You have my permission (and my thanks) for playing any recording by me, Tres Chicas, or me and Thad Cockrell. We appreciate your support Caitlin Cary

I would be honored to have you play my music on your show.Keep up the good work, we need more people like you in this business. Tim Gearan

I wish we were coming to play for you soon. Thanks for everything your doing... You're incredible!!! Eric Brace, Last Train Home

Can I again express my gratitude to you for including me on your show and generally being a trooper for the cause!! Alex Ryan

Wow -I can see that you've played Your Old Cello from my record;-) Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Amelie Riis

Karen, thanks for playing Somewhere Else There's a Promised Land. And thanks, as always, for your support, not just of our music, but of the music we love. J&S, Edge City

...your help in the UK has been wonderful. Thanks again for supporting the work and I hope to continue spreading word in the UK... Keep up that fabulous work you do for the Roots music community! Elliot Randall

Thanks Karen, for playing of the songs on my CD “Early”. I DOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate it! Fayssoux

Thanks so very much for sending this along Karen and for helping us out so much in getting the songs played! Ford Turrell

thanks so much for playing some of my tunes. really love the show, Jerry Leger

I really appreciate knowing that you've included some of my music in your program. I'm also glad that I now know about your show because it's just the kind of thing I enjoy listening to. Please keep up the wonderful work! Bill Williams

Please know that we not only give you permission to play any songs on any album on Backcountry Records, but are very appreciative too! Thanks and good luck Chris Stuart

You are more than welcome to play my music on your show. I would love that. Jim Bryson

Since I last wrote, we've had the great good fortune to be played by Bob Harris on his Saturday and Country shows. He seemed to really dig "Do What You Do". and he's invited us in to do a session if we make it over. I can't help but feel that all the support you gave us early on had a lot to do with it as I mentioned your support to Bob in my introductory letter to him. Scott Loomer

Good luck, and thank you for your support and encouragement. I'm glad that you continue to seek out and enjoy some of the artists who struggle to get their excellent music out to the world. Michael Carpenter

Thanks for playing my music! Tim Carroll

we need you as much or more than you need us indie artists-it sure as fuck isn't about the money-fight the power! much love,jim reilley

we artists are fortunate to have dedicated and involved people like karen in our corner. Nicolas Despo

THANK YOU Karen for all that you've done for us little guys. Steve Mayone

We appreciate everything that you are doing to help the musical community. Pat Buchanan

You're a sweet alt-country angel. Amer Diab

Thanks for playing my music, Karen! I really appreciate it!! Andra Suchy

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for giving my cd some spins on your show Austin Collins

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how very grateful I am for you playing my song "Black Train" on your Program Number 169! The fact that you choose to include my music on your playlist, when you have many available options, means a great deal to me. Douglas Greer

I know I speak from the whole of The Good Intentions when I say many thanks for playing 'Neil Young' on your last podcast. This is one of our songs I have wanted to record for at least two years now and to hear it broadcast in this way is amazing. I enjoyed the show imensely and will forward it to the other band guys who are away on a few days break at present. I really enjoyed the show and what a medium for bands delivering this kind of stuff The Good Intentions

PS You must have many fans as I got a number of emails from folks that heard Winter Grass on your show thanks again! Gerry Wall

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for putting me on your playlist. I'm discovering a lot of great people that you're playing. Jane Gillman

Karen, thank you very much for sending us the playlist! What great company we keep! We are very impressed! One Horse Town

Thank you for sending us your playlists. Its truly an honor to share airtime with Last Train Home and Jim Lauderdale! Hmm, maybe we ought to consider a European tour One Horse Town

it’s gratifying to find myself in such esteemed musical company Justin Currie

I truly want to thank you for playing my record and supporting my music in the UK. Ted Russell Kamp

. I can't tell you what a thrill it is that you played a cut from Resplandor on your excelent show. Thanks a ton for the support and for including us in such great company. Moonshine Hangover

Thanks so much for playing my songs on BOTH your radio program and your podcast! Your support of my music is really appreciated. Liz Longley

Thanks so much for playing my song on your wonderful program. Liz Meyer

thank you for all your support and kind words on your show....AND for including me in your Best Of 2007 show. With all the records you must get in a year and the quality of music that you play, I am honored to be part of the show. Lou Vargo

Thanks so much. The support is *very* appreciated, especially considering how many albums must flood your mailbox. Patrick Bloom

I quite enjoyed your show again this week. Especially Hank the 3rd, John Hartford (Big Blue Balloon was sublime), John Prine (as always) and above all Tracy Grammer was an amazing new artist for me. Really stellar song choices. I heard Ricky Ross' "Pale Rider" last time didn't I? I like that tune a lot and will have to check out more of his stuff. And once again thanks for including me in the mix. It's an honour. Keep me posted (even if I'm not on the show, of course). You've turned me on to some excellent music! Kirk Adams

In some respects, my programmes operate in something of a vacuum. I dont read the trades much and generally dont get plugged. Consequently, Im somewhat sheltered from whatever hype is going on. I generally pick up a vibe about an album from Maverick, through a few trusted observers, or by word of mouthtalking with musicians and gig-goers about people they like, maybe getting a call from Bob Paterson about a new artist hes found, sometimes discovering a name on Karen Millers internet playlist, or reading the postings on my website notice board (www.bobharris.org). It seems to me that were all on the same side. Bob Harris

Hey there, Great show. Thanks for making me part of it. Randy Thompson

Wow! Thanks for playing a track from my new CD...much appreciated! Garry Segal

Hi Karen, Thanks for playing One Hell Of A Ride from my debut album, Broken Sky. Your show is great. Yours David Ferrard

Hey Karen! Thanks for playing the track. Love your show. New record coming out soon.. I'll send it along. take care Adam Klein

Hi Karen- We're extremely honored to have been included in your best of 2007 show mark Jungers

Karen has by far the best Americana music podcast out there. Thanks Karen and keep up the good no, great work! Dave King

We love the miller telling her tale! Romantica


A pleasure to be included in your podcast this week! Gretchen Peters

just wanted to say thank you for playing my new cd - your support means a lot to me! : ) Rachel Harrington

Hello! Thanks so much for playing us on your show! We sure appreciate it The Wilders

Thanks soooo much for adding 12 String to your show. We are thrilled and honored to be among some amazing artists! High Cotton

Just stopping by to say hi ~ hope all is well. Love listening to your podcast! Lizanne Knott

Thanks so much for your support and for your wonderful show. Your tune selections are always grand! Eva Tree

Big thanks, as always for the support... and inclusion in the Best Of show. Consider me another small fish happily swimming in your Americana pond! Rick Spreitzer

I'm loving your show line-up! Thanks for introducing me to lots of new exciting artists. Special big thanks for including a track from my album!! Your support is greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Eva Tree

I just want to thank you for once again adding me to your playlist! It means a lot to me! Long Way Over is my girlfriends favourite song on the album and very special to her so she is going to be thrilled that it's on the radio ;-) Once again THANK YOU for supporting my music! Kind regards Tobias Stenkjær

Wow! Thanks for playing that other song. Much Appreciated. KUDOS! Thomas Denver Jonsson

Thanks so much for the recent spins, Karen! I'm a really big fan of your show. Keep it up, and I'll keep listening. Douglas Greer

It was lovely to meet you in Nashville. Thanks so much for playing my tunes on your fabulous podcast. Datri Bean

We really appreciate you including us in your show, especially considering the number of incredible acts you have to choose from. We're honored to be in such great company Six Mile Grove

thanks again for putting us on the 'cast, and for the friends spot - your show is not to be missed, we love it. The O'Byrnes

Thanks for playing "Sunday Afternoon" on your show and supporting real independent music! Eric Athey

Hey Karen, another supa-tasty show. Bellwether have floored me again. Love it, need it.... Karl Broadie

I've had a few folks cruise on by after hearing me on one of your 'casts, so a great big thank you to you! Doug Brouder

Thanks for playing my stuff on your show! I'm honored. Tim Carroll

Thanks for your continued support Karen, you are doing a marvellous service to this genre of music. Case Hardin

Hey thanks so much for airing my tune. What a cool surprise. I'll spread the word about this site. Thanks for doing what you do! Dave McGraw

hiya karen..thanks so much for the support and airplay of my latest record, really means a lot..been going well this year, just done quite a tour..keep in touch..lisa Redford

thanks for the add, love what you do. I've been listening to you all morn. Teddy Larkin

Hey Karen, great to see you on myspace and thanks for the add! I've been listening in when I can and really love your show Chris Stuart

Hi Karen! (my FAVORITE UK DJ!) I'm in Netherlands! Missed you in UK this time - but I'll be back in September! Thanks for the add - and for your wonderful show! Krista Detor


Your show is wonderful. I love it. I have been downloading and listening to you for a full year now. You have made a huge difference in my life. You bring sunshine when it rains, relief from the heat. You bring me to dance when there is no other sound reason to celebrate. You are wonderful, old shows or new. You fill my ears with wonderful music. Thank you for what you do and how well you do it. Tony

just listened to this weeks show and you were right how nice that song by eddi reader, on rough trade as well.. you must work very hard to keep this quality up still lovin the show! Vicki

I thoroughly enjoy your show and it's the only "radio" I listen to down here. Alan in New Zealand

Hi Karen..discovered your show thanks to the Sunday Times, like I expect loads of others. Really like it. I'm working my way backwards and have been listening to your Christmas show. Barry, London

I just discovered the Millers Tale and what a great broadcast it is Karen..lots of fantastic music. The one about the credit card was fun and very pertinent to the debt crisis...I've never herd of them before though Old Man Pie!? And the Neil Cleary track I liked too. I'm glad I came across your show. Steve G

I was made aware of your Miller Tells Her Tale podcast by the article in the Sunday Times in January and since discovering it I am completely hooked. You do a marvellous show which has introduced me to many previously unknown artists and even encouraged me to buy some of their CDs - bought Eric Taylor's The Great Divide last week - fantastic. I have listened to your shows again and again (many on my mp3 player whilst hillwalking!) and never tire of the music. Without wishing to swell your head too much, as far as I am concerned, you rarely play a track that I don't like - what taste eh! Brian, Stirling

I just got back from a camping trip. I got stuck in a blizzard on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and listened to your podcasts on my ipod while waiting in my little tent for the weather to clear. Your great choice of music got me through the freezing night. Good job! Mark, USA

I recently stumbled across your podcast, and absolutely love it. Chad, USA

Hi love your eclectic musical selection . Chris, USA

I just wanted to say what an excellent show you put on; despite being a Bob Harris fan for years I only discovered a link through to you recently and Ive started working my way through your old shows. Theres some great music there and Ive already added a few to my immediate wish list (like Bob, pretty much everything you play would go on my wish list). Thats it really; thanks and keep up the excellent shows. Dave, UK

I have recently found your excellent show in iTunes, and just wanted to say "hi" and tell you to keep up the great work. I have enjoyed listening to your shows very much. Even though I live in Texas, I have discovered some new music from your show that I've started to look out for. David, Austin TX

Hi Karen, I have just found this site through a link from "Brand New Country" Scotland. Great show, Mark Erelli track "Passing Through" is beautiful and Jim Lauderdale is marvelous Dessie, Ireland

Just wanted to express my congratulations to you for putting out such a fine show - 173. I think it's the best you've done to date and it flows really well. I particularly enjoyed the segment that included Brady Harris, Robert McEntree and Datri Bean. Despite Brady reminding me of the Beatles (who I've never liked - weird I know, a music fan who has no Beatles albums amongst his collection) I thought it all gelled really well together. The whole show is just great. I'm inspired to greater things for my hospital show listening to you. Each show you do makes me want to check out a new range of artists. This is exactly how music shows should be. You should be very proud of yourself. - Phil, UK

A friend told me about your podcast which I downloaded for the first time this weekend. It is exactly what I have been looking for - music that you just don't hear on the radio apart from on Bob Harris's Saturday night programme. Richard, UK

Hi Karen. You have made quite an impression on me. Your research is truly exceptional the songs you come up with are really terrific. In fact, I have just purchased the new Jeffrey Foucault, an earlier Troy Campbell, the Sorentinos and the new Darden Smith (Field of Crows if you havent yet heard, I think you will like very understated). All because I heard these artists on your show. I also appreciate that you play my stuff but I would listen in regardless. And I get a kick out of the cadence in your voice very self-assured but not afraid to be original. You also arent fawning. If you dont like something or have a reservation, you say it (but you have a diplomatic manner). Integrity is a tough thing to hold on to. You are doing a good job Gerry, Canada

Your site is a fabulous resource for fans of Americana, I'm staggered at the amount of work you've put into it. It really is good. I've listened to and enjoyed your best of 2005 and 2006 series. I especially liked Loomer who I'd not come across before. Ian, Leeds

To tell you the truth you don't play a dud track on any of your shows, Ian, Wales

You are a shining star in the firmament of my musical universe! Ivan, USA

Enjoyed the show very much , you have now introduced me to more "new" musicians than Bob H (well, almost), so thanks plenty John, USA

Just discovered your website - Brilliant podcasts. Keep up the good work. Keith, Dundee

I just came across your site while looking for Idgy Vaughn. I would like to tell you how great your podcasts are. I am a great fan of Texas and Americana Music. Being from South Texas (Corpus Christi), I am familiar with a lot of the artist you play. I am really enjoying hearing new bands from other countries. You are doing a superb job, I look forward to your next show. Kelly, Texas

I've only just found your podcast (episode 172 - definitely not an early adopter!) - really wonderful stuff, and I've already bought The Pull by Kreg Viesselman having heard him on episdoe 171. I can see my CD purchases increasing somewhat! Wonderful show - keep up the great work... Lee, UK

As ever, your show is a must play for me - keep up the good work! Apart from the effect on my bank balance (all those CDs I have to buy - not so good!) your show brightens up an otherwise dull commute into town. Lee, UK

I've enjoyed your podcast since last year and have discovered many gems on it, particularly folk like Mark Erelli and Ron Sexsmith Doc, USA

Hi - just to say thanks - for not giving up when Spydaradio closed, I really enjoy the selection of music you play. Show 133 was a great example and it along with some previous ones kept me company on a flight to work in Athens recently. I think I first came across your broadcasts thru The Brand new Opry site over a year ago. I must have bought 25 to 30 CDs in the past few months based mainly on stuff I hear on these shows. Malcom

I have just found your website & I think it is fantastic.I'm a big fan of "indie" & unsigned artists & just love listening to music in general Mike, UK

I was overjoyed to find your show - great stuff Mike, USA

.....to have just heard show 145. I will have to find time to hear the rest! Keep on recording. Brilliant! Will be recommending you to many other friends, just incase they did not read The Sunday Times this week. Patricia

I heard Bob Harris mention you the last couple of weeks on his show. I have been listening to Bob avidly over the decades, appreciating all sorts of music, and am always drawn to listen to people who broadcast with passion. And so... went and gave your show a listen today - really informative and well presented for sure! Paul, UK

I am currently listening to your show and considering this isnt my usual choice of tunes I am really enjoying it. So considering it doesnt take much to send an email and I know how good it can be to get praise on radio, I thought I might as well email you and say, good tunes, good show and keep up the good work (now I sound like someones Dad) Paul, UK

Thank you for the show. First one I've ever herd from you.Found by good luck I think - Peter, UK

Thanks so much for your show. It is really my all time favorite. The only podcast I always listen to at least 2 times! Steve Switzerland

Just discovered your show - I'm a sort of download/podcast newbie (I'm very old! - Listened to a Loomer track on Bob Harris - Googled them to find out more - found your site & your podcast shows - I'm still here listening about 4 hrs later - great tracks - special mention for The Last Town Chorus - thought I'd misheard when you said a Bowie song coming up next - one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard - Great work - I'e bookmarked the site so I can't lose it Mike, UK


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